SHIFT Meditations

Join the movement, make a SHIFT out of your head and back into your heart with SHIFT Meditations. Join yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher Jessie Kates as she shares weekly meditations from the heart recorded live from her classes.

Last night we learned of a story about the night the Buddha awakened and how he called on what he loved to help save him. In this delicious body scan we return to our body again and again to unlock our own ability to awaken and be free. Enjoy. Happy Meditating.

This week we are leaning into the idea that we should be looking not for life to be in balance, but for ourselves to be in flow. Enjoy. Happy Meditating

Enjoy this guided meditation to awaken a curiosity of the movement of our breath and use it to help us return to the present moment. Happy Meditating. Namaste

We hope you enjoy this guided meditation recorded live after a morning yin class to help you discover the freeing spaciousness within. Happy Meditating. Namaste.

Please enjoy this deeply expansive meditation where we breathe into and rest in the vastness of the present moment. Happy Meditating. Namaste

Enjoy this delicious extended guided meditation recorded live during our monthly community acupuncture class. Find a comfortable position lying down and get ready to drift off into a deep restful nights sleep. Namaste.

This is a lovely meditation to wind down from a busy day. Enjoy. Namaste.

We hope you enjoy this lovely, simple meditation. Together we were working on sensing into the way or bodily sensations and experiences are truly a messenger in our life here to help guide us.

Enjoy this relaxing evening body scan meditation. In this class we were working on seeing everything sent our way as a messenger. Every thought, sensation, every emotion here to teach us. Namaste.

Enjoy this guided Mindfulness Meditation to help with awakening our welcoming spirit.

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