SHIFT Meditations

Join the movement, make a SHIFT out of your head and back into your heart with SHIFT Meditations. Join yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher Jessie Kates as she shares weekly meditations from the heart recorded live from her classes.

Oh this one is a good one if we do say so ourselves. Meditate with the tribe (recorded live in a virtual zoom yoga class) of SHIFT Yoga and feel connected even I this time of isolation. Find a comfortable position sitting and enjoy this guided meditation.

May you find safety and ease in your body and hope in your heart that leads to the growth of your soul.

Lay down and get ready to melt away any stress you may be holding with this deeply soothing body scan.

Exploring the 1st foundation of mindfulness, bringing a curious and judgement free awareness to our body.

This meditation is sure to deliver you into a deep state of union within your self.

We hope you enjoy this guided mindfulness meditation. Come into deep presence and peace by carving out some time to practice inhabiting your body. Happy Meditating.

We know you are going to love this extended guided body scan meditation we recorded live during one of our live stream yin yoga classes on zoom.

Lay down and get ready to get deeply realigned.

Happy Meditating

We hope you enjoy this guided meditation we recorded while live in a virtual yoga class. We have been discussing how this lockdown has us feeling like we don’t know what day it is anymore. We are finding deep peace in our mats again and getting grounded again. Enjoy.

This week we are meditating on the fact that it is currently tough to tell what day it is and how unsteady that is making us feel.

Turning towards our yoga and meditation practice can deliver a profound sense of feeling grounded again. May you enjoy this guided meditation to help you relax every bone in your body and discover a sense in inner security again. Happy meditating.

In this guided mindfulness meditation recorded live in class we discussed the importance of honoring our moment to moment experience just as it is. May you enjoy this meditation and discover the proud peace available in the present moment.

Please enjoy this yoga nidra inspired guided meditation to help you find deep rest and renewal. Namaste. ✌🏼❤️🧘🏼‍♀️

This one is delightful. Join us as we enjoyed a deeply relaxing and grounding meditation together. In this episode we meditated on the full experience of our breathing to awaken a connection to our heart and create coherence between the body, mind and heart. Enjoy. Happy Meditating

Join us live on zoom

We hope you enjoy this delicious guided body scan meditation. Perfect to unwind from a long day or to prepare for sleep. Find a comfy position lying down. Happy meditating.

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