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Join the movement, make a SHIFT out of your head and back into your heart with SHIFT Meditations. Join yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher Jessie Kates as she shares weekly meditations from the heart recorded live from her classes.

Namaste & Welcome. I hope you enjoy today’s episode and find deep inner ease and balance in your bodymindspirit.


Namaste and welcome. In this episode we are exploring how meditation is a powerful sacred experience to help us anchor into peace when we are experiencing discomfort in our lives.


Greetings everyone. Thanks for tuning in to another episode from our FREE weekly virtual community meditation. We are delighted to share today’s meditation all about making room in ourselves to connect to a feeling of what is sacred about our journey.

Enjoy. Sign up to join us free each week live on zoom at

Namaste & welcome. This week I shared a story from our camping trip last week. While crossing a river on a hike, my daughter Addison went to step from one rock to another and right before her foot landed a HUGE snake slithered right under her feet.

As you can imagine, she flipped out and the rest of the hike there was a noticeable difference in her spirit. When I asked her if she was enjoying herself she said no, because she couldn’t stop thinking about the snake.

I reminded her that she can’t be afraid of something that isn’t happening to her in the moment.

This weeks meditations explore this theme of discovering and reminding our nervous system, that right now, all is well and there are no snakes at our feet.

Enjoy meditating with us.

Namaste and welcome. In this episode we are doing a guided deep breathing journey. Lie down and get comfortable. Enjoy

Namaste everyone and welcome to this weeks meditation.

Inspired by a story of forgetting how to run my business after 14 months of zoom yoga, comes a guided meditation to help us all.

The essence of our journey is that we are always remembering and forgetting, remembering and forgetting. From our daily tasks, to the light of peace we all possess.

So our meditation practice becomes a powerful refuge to still our body, steady our mind and connect to our breath so that we may remember again!


As always a reminder that these are recorded live, so the warm loving voices of our community can be heard at the end of the episode. Love and blessings to all.

Namaste and welcome back. Today we are enjoying some grounding breathwork to balance the hemispheres in the brain and bring us into a more calm and integrated state.

I’ll walk you through this alternate nostril breathing exercise which we will enjoy together before ending with a few minutes on seated meditation.

It is a joy to share these practices with you. May we all be well

Welcome everyone. This weeks episode is inspired by the fact that life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Acknowledging this truth leads us on a deeper quest for understanding.

In Mindfulness, there is a saying you have to feel it to heal it. The practice teaches us the simple steps to do this and we are exploring it in today’s meditation together.

I’m glad you are here. Let’s get to healing.

Ahhhh. Welcome. I am delighted you are here. Let’s take a sacred pause together in our day to reconnect to presence.

Enjoy this meditation.

Welcome. This weeks episode I am sharing a story that I hope will help you remember that it’s going to take time to heal as we begin to re-emerge from covid.

Enjoy. These meditations and offered free and live every Wednesday morning at 8am (ET) on zoom. Sign up to join us

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