SHIFT Meditations

Join the movement, make a SHIFT out of your head and back into your heart with SHIFT Meditations. Join yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher Jessie Kates as she shares weekly meditations from the heart recorded live from her classes.

In this delicious guided meditation recorded live after a relaxing yin yoga class, we explored resting in presence and continuing to bare witness to the movement of our breath. Enjoy. Happy Meditating

In this delicious meditation. We explored the magic of being breathed by our breath and how peaceful we can become by paying attention to it. Happy Meditating.

Enjoy this guided meditation with the tribe. Recorded live after a deeply relaxing yoga class where we explored what is our life dedicated to on our journey.

We hope you enjoy this bonus extra long meditation recorded live from our wildly popular sold out monthly community acupuncture experience. May you find bliss in returning to the present moment.

This week has been one of great depth as we explored using our yoga and meditation practice to help us unlock the vastness of our potential. Enjoy

This week we are exploring the idea of awakening to our vast potential. Enjoy. Happy Meditating

We hope you enjoy this bonus meditation recorded live from one of our community acupuncture experiences. Perfect for a night of deep sleep and renewal

Enjoy this lovely meditation in the morning to help you start the day off in a deep state of presence. Happy Meditating.

In this restful evening practice we are being guided to strengthen our ability to pay attention to the present moment without judgement. Enjoy.

Through meditation we learn to be with the breath so we can experience the present moment as it is. We hope that you enjoy this simple guided meditation to awaken a curiosity about the flow of our breath moment to moment.

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