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We hope you enjoy this sweet and simple mindfulness meditation recorded live after an enjoyable morning yoga class.

Enjoy this balancing meditation as we journey through the Chakras to realign our precious inner energy.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful guided meditation to explore using the breath and the experience of meditation to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

In this delicious body scan meditation recorded live after an evening yoga class, we explored the quest to gain understanding about ourselves so that we might pave the way to more inner freedom.

A delicious guided meditation recorded live after an evening yoga class where we talked about awakening a connection the wisdom found within the body. Enjoy. Namaste

Enjoy this meditation recorded live in the evening after a relaxing yin yoga class. Here we cultivated the peace that comes from realizing you are surrounded by support and seen for who you really are

In this morning meditation recorded live after a relaxing yoga class, we are practicing the subtle art of choosing to return home to the present moment. Enjoy. Namaste

Enjoy this simple guided practice to help us connect to the wellspring of nourishment that can be found when we observe our breath in the present moment.

Enjoy this body scan meditation to connect to the energy of nourishment our practice brings us.

A lovely guided meditation to further help awaken our intuitive wisdom.

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