SHIFT Meditations

Join the movement, make a SHIFT out of your head and back into your heart with SHIFT Meditations. Join yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher Jessie Kates as she shares weekly meditations from the heart recorded live from her classes.

Namaste and welcome one and all. In this weeks community episode, recorded live we explore suffering from a spiritual lens. We use the practice to lessen the suffering that comes from forgetting our True Self.


Namaste & welcome one and all. Sometimes it is so refreshing to simply rest in presence, connect to our breath and feel the light of vast awareness within. We will enjoy doing that in today’s episode, recorded live in class.

I hope you find ease on this day and may the light of your own inner vast awareness carry you through.


Namaste and welcome one and all. On today’s episode (recorded live) we are exploring the 4 markers of well-being

Strength Flexibility Stamina Resilience


Namaste & Welcome one and all. This episode was recorded live today after a delicious yin yoga class. I invite you to join us for a few mindful minutes. I will guide you to connect to your breath, rest in your vastness and witness what arises from a place of peace.


Namaste & welcome one and all. I am delighted for you to hear the message this morning that it is ok to freak out. Sometimes a situation calls for it.

We are human and I hope you find this episode helpful to embrace your humanness and find peace.


Namaste and welcome one and all. Sometimes you just need 5 minutes to re center yourself. This episode is for just that! Enjoy

Namaste & Welcome. In this episode we meditate on the experience of being held by the practice in all that we are going through. We also explore expanding that out to feel we are held by one another. Enjoy.

Namaste one and all. This episode is just what we need to release this day and rest well tonight.


Our sweet little podcast hit 2 major milestones today. So I am taking a moment to pause and express my love & gratitude to you today.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.

Namaste & welcome. This wonderful 10 minute guided meditation will help you reconnect to the light of your true nature.


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